Athlete with Amputated Leg

NDIS Services

Our Exercise Physiologists use exercise to treat and manage impairments, address activity limitations and participation restrictions. We will also work hard behind the scenes to positively contribute to your health care team, ensuring a high level of communication between everyone involved, knowing our role in achieving your goals, and building our treatment around your needs.


Our NDIS services are suited for individuals of all backgrounds, our promise to you is that we'll: 


To your background, your goals and your considerations.


Your current abilities, limitations and ,opportunities for improvement


Fun, challenging and effective exercises to help you reach your goals.


You on your journey to better health, fitness and performance


You through education to take control of your own journey.

We understand that no two people are the same. Before we start we first get to know YOUR unique needs, YOUR goals and YOUR background. This allows us to personalise YOUR program to help you achieve your true potential. Call, email or click the 'Refer Now' button below and, we will be in touch. 

Our Location:


We are proud to be based out of the world class facilities at Flinders University Sport & Fitness, located at:

Alan Mitchell Building,

Registry Road, Bedford Park,

SA, 5042.

Phone:8201 2842


Fax:618 8232 4266